These are some examples of pieces where I am either featured as a soloist or the bass
trombone is utilized to good effect (such as low, exposed and/or loud!).  Click on song titles to
play tracks, and click on CD title (where highlighted) to purchase!

23 Degrees N x 82 Degrees W from "The Alumni Tribute to Stan Kenton" by Paul Cacia

Paul's remake of the original well known chart by Stan Kenton's band from the early 1950's features
multi-tracked bass trombone in the beginning, leading into a trombone solo by the late, great Carl
Fontana, followed by solos from Lee Konitz and the inimitable Jack Sheldon!

Main Title from "Godzilla vs. Destroyer" from "Monster Mania"

This is an example of symphonic type film music featuring blasting low brass entirely befitting of
reptilian behemoths and other large beasts!

All I Want for Christmas Is A Bass Trombone from "Christmas III" by Tom Kubis

Features yours bloody truly on solo bass bone, followed by a trumpet solo from Stan Martin (the
eldest Martin brother).

Nightingale from "Quantum Leap" and "The Alumni Tribute to Stan Kenton" by Paul Cacia

Another chart from the Kenton band of the 1950's, this starts with a trombone solo from the late,
great Dick Shearer, Stan's longtime lead trombonist from the 1960's and 1970's.  Bass trombone is
featured quite prominently in the middle and toward the end, culminating in what Paul called a tag
from the "good-natured Rich Bullock" (that was a long time ago).

Hey There from "Piece by Piece" by George Stone

This track from one of my favorite composers and arrangers, George Stone, features an example of
sensitive, ballad style bass trombone ensemble work - bet you didn't think I had it in me, huh? The
sax soloist is Gene Burkert.

Slightly Off the Ground from the CD of the same name by Tom Kubis

This is another one of Tom Kubis' barn burners, featuring one of his patented uptempo a capella
sections and a trombone solo by the great Bill Watrous!  Tom is truly one of my all-time favorite
composers and arrangers, and a great friend to boot!

Main Title from "King Kong vs. Godzilla" from "Monster Mania"

This is another example of pull out all the stops low brass writing - perfect music to destroy cities by!

All Or Nothing At All from "Quantum Leap" and "The Alumni Tribute to Stan Kenton" by Paul Cacia

This is a redo of the great Johnny Richards chart from the 1950's and features Janine Cameo on
vocals.  This tune has a great, prominent bass trombone part.

Bill Bailey from "At Last" by Tom Kubis

After an opening piano solo by the amazing Jack Reidling, this tune features another blazing a
capella section and solos by all four trombonists - after I honk away, world class players (and old
friends) Andy Martin, Charlie Morillas and Alex Iles try to keep up with me (yeah, right!).  It is always a
pleasure and a privilege to be in the same section with them!

The Check's In The Mail from "Close to the Edge" by Gordon Goodwin

This chart from Gordon's pre-Phat Band days is an uptempo swinger featuring some exposed bass
trombone work.
Music Samples