For the time being, this is the most boring page on my site, since so far my professional
background in this regard consists of singing with Tracy Wells' Big Band as a soloist on a few
tunes and as the bass member (fancy that) of his Four Star vocal group.

But I have always wanted to delve more deeply into this area, and
Scott Whitfield has started  
rehearsals with his new vocal group, The
Los Angeles Vocal Alliance (LAVA), and I have been
honored and privileged to be asked by him to be his bass singer!  The group also consists of
Scott (Baritone/Trombone), Larry Williams (Tenor/Trumpet) and Jonathan Dane (Tenor/Trumpet)
and will be backed by a world-class rhythm section.  Our debut performance was Thursday,
November 16, 2006
at the Vic in downtown Santa Monica.  Please check back often for future